samedi 16 octobre 2010

Sarasota preview 5: Lorenz Stauffer

Lorenz Stauffer: Lorenz a joué pour Condors puis Jam l'an dernier, il est celui qui donné envie de jouer aux Etats Unis.
Lorenz est considéré en Europe comme l'un des meilleurs lanceurs (Gaucher).Il a remporté plusieurs titres de champions Suisse(FAB( et vient de gagner la champion's league avec FAB.
Nous avons joué plusieurs fois ensemble en équipe national(Euro 3ème), UTI(champion 2005).

When did you play nationals? Which number did you wear ?

i played in '05, 07' and '09. i had no 29 - as usual.

Which team did you play for ?

i played for the Santa Barbara Condors the first two times, in '09 for Jam. Jamdors?!

How did you end up playing in North America?

knew some people who lived there - went there - tryed out - made the team - played - had some of the best times in my life! made new friends - miss you guys!

How have you felt the first training? How was the level of the game?

First practice was hard. people didn't know what to expect from me. i didn't know what to expect from them. the pace of the game was higher than i was used to... but the players were very open and help me a lot.

How many trainings did you have per week? And how many practices a month before nationals?

during the season 2005 i was doing sports every day - track workouts tuesday and thursday - scrimmage on wednesday nights - disc golf monday and friday. plus some lifting over lunch breaks. team practice at the weekends. fun.

Which position did you play on your team? D line or O line?

O Handler

Was it hard for your team to qualify for nationals? I 've heard that the North West region is very strong and that it is hard for the teams there to qualify for nationals. Is this true?

it was hard every time. in '09 we were in the game to go against Furious. that was probably the hardest quali i experienced. saying this i can confirm that the NW region is really strong. there are always at least two more teams out there that don't qualify but would have a shot for quaters at natties (if they could go).

Let's talk about Sarasota:

I've heard that Sarasota is the best place to play Ultimate? Is this true? Why?

i don't know if its the best place. but as an ultimate player it's definitly the tournament you wanna have experienced at least once in a lifetime! it has something magic to play there :-)

Can you tell me something about your first time there?

that was in '05 with the Condors. we had a great team but suffered a lot on injuries of key players after the first day. didn't make quaters. too bad.

How is the the level of the competition? Are all the16 teams really good?

yes! of course there's a drop off from the top top teams to the teams 12 to 16. but all the players of all teams are in best shape and know how to play and win. every team can beat every other team. this is what makes that tournament so exciting.

What was your final ranking?

in '09 we finished 7th.

Do you think that a top european team could finish in the top 8?

hmm. hard to say. i only know about Clapham playing in US tournaments the last couple of years. they were able to beat some of the big teams... from the individual level of play of the players euro teams could finish to 8. no question. but i think european teams don't have enough top players on one team to consist throughout the whole four days at natties.

What did you like best about the tourney in Sarasota?

Last Alex de Frondeville

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  1. quand on lit ça, ça donne envie d'aller jouer là-bas... à condition d'avoir le niveau bien sûr :-)

  2. Bon les p'tits Suisse, quand vous aurez fini de vous amuser avec les p'tits ricains faudra quand même revenir pour gagner Talampaya! :D
    Allez à bientôt, faites vous plaisir